KISD Open Factory
29.11 - 30.11.2013

Experiment // Think // Make
3D Printing / Rapid Prototyping / Open Design
Open Source / DIY / Maker / Communities


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‘KISD Open Factory’ by Köln International School of Design, invites you to become part of a growing community of open source designers, makers and thinkers. Gain a fresh perspective on the future of open design over two days of debates, experiments and unpredictable outcomes!

Here at KISD we love to experiment. We believe the exciting insights revealed through experiments ultimately lead us towards fresh, alternative design solutions. Open source communities think the same way.

They aim to subvert the traditional “top down” design approach and instead use crowd sourced experimentation to direct innovative solutions. Open source members are continually adapting existing technologies and redeveloping them for alternative uses, something you will see for yourself at ‘KISD Open Factory’!

Technologies previously locked away in well-equipped laboratories have been utilised to equip a subculture of craft rooms across Europe and beyond. The DIY subculture has suddenly become a trend, an innovator par excellence. New working spaces have become living labs, without fixed locations or institutionalised mental barriers – that is how new innovation centres are being established.

We are now experiencing countless forms of collaborative work in open, organized communities. Tools and resources that were once available only to specific groups of experts are now open to the general public. Join us here at ‘KISD Open Factory’ to experiment with all things “open.”

Debate, create and make alongside an inter-disciplinary team of designers, doctors, musicians, artists, chefs and many more!